Have your cabinets begun to look old and worn? Does it seem like your cabinets have lost their luster? Now you can achieve the same effect of getting a fully renovated kitchen at a fraction of the price without going through all the time consuming, headache inducing tasks of selecting and paying for unnecessary new kitchen units. You can now revamp your kitchen and give it an astonishingly new appearance at a very reasonable cost. We can achieve this goal for you efficiently by using our experience and by using the most up to date spray painting equipment.

Kitchen Spraying is the “Cost-Effective Alternative” to a replacement Kitchen, it’s the cheaper Solution. Re-spraying is becoming increasingly popular in the current economic climate. As the market leaders in this field Ruby painters is spearheading the movement towards respraying rather than replacement doors or a new kitchen. If your kitchen is in good condition, why buy a new kitchen or replacement doors if you can pay a fraction of the cost to respray kitchen cabinets. The respray cost obviously varies depending on the size of your kitchen.

Having your kitchen completely replaced is extremely disruptive and can sometimes take weeks to complete. Respraying your kitchen cabinets with Ruby painters is much simpler, usually complete within one working week or over 7 days with your kitchen only out of use for 1 or 2 days. We leave you with no mess and minimal disruption.


A kitchen respray is a greatly economical way to update your kitchen without costing the planet more of its precious resources. We can make your kitchen look as-new without creating waste and harming the environment.

By using Ruby painters for your kitchen respray you can be sure that you are going to get an unrivalled quality of service, product and finish to your kitchen cabinets. We guarantee our work for 2 years and have thousands of happy customers.
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